Rob Carnathan – VP

rob carnathan

“My broadcast TV experience allows me to build and buy media with an in-depth knowledge of Nielsen and Arbitron ratings as well as our D.M.A. Our media production was developed out of a necessity to turn around commercials quickly for a reasonable cost.”

Every dollar you spend counts (and hurts) We get it! We know! That’s why we approach media the way a financial planner would approach a personal portfolio. Know the marketplace, know the investment opportunities, and have the experience to “buy the right media and pay the right price”.

Knowledge is our most lethal weapon in planning your strategy and implementation. Our experience has produced an unparalleled understanding of how to deliver effective strategies that are equally strong with efficiency. At the end of the day, the ROI of any campaign will be judged on these two strategies.

Our consortium is a difference maker. We have a long history of partnering with great companies to create more focused, more effective and more efficient media solutions. Our specialty is media. Our focus is ROI in the media platform. Our everyday mantra is service, service, service. In this ever changing media landscape, we have the distinct advantage of experience. We lead, not follow.

The majority of full service agencies operate from the creative standpoint. It is their driving force. Media is perceived as simply a mechanical function and often these positions are filled with entry level personnel. People at that level can’t deliver the strategy or media savings that advertisers need to stay competitive today. We offer you the opportunity to have an independent media company (not owned or managed by an agency) whose single mission will be the effective and efficient use of your marketing resources.